Is there a Gambling Law in India for National and International Lotteries?

At SevenJackpots, we only propose foreign lotteries. They all have solid payout histories and are based outside of India. They are entirely legal to play at from any Indian state because they are international and based outside of India.

Powerball, EuroMillions, and EuroJackpot are a few examples of online international lottery from India that are always played fairly.

Due to the size of these lotteries, there is a tremendous amount of security surrounding them. This implies that you will definitely get the winnings if you win one of their enormous jackpots.

You may find out where to buy game lottery tickets online India, about any special features, and about the times of the drawings by reading our international assessment of each draw. A comparison of the cost of each game’s tickets is also available.

Online gambling choices for safe play are provided by international lottery from India. They provide a selection of games, including scratch cards, bingo, poker, and roulette. These games are all completely fair. Additionally, because it is entirely web-based, you don’t even need to download software to play. Simply signup, and you can begin playing right now. In this manner, there is no chance of financial loss.

Every state in India offers lottery tickets for purchase. India has more than 40 separate states. Every state offers a different selection of games. For instance, some states specialize on Western-style games like scratch cards, while others offer traditional Indian games like keno.

Where can i Buy the Best Tickets for the Lottery?

There are a ton of lottery games for which you may get free lottery tickets in India, but some are undoubtedly better than others. The top free online lottery tickets in India available in India are listed below after the tickets online India were graded based on a wide range of criteria.

Despite the length of our ranking methodology, the following three aspects are the most important to us:

  • Ticket Price
  • Jackpot Size
  • Prize Tiers

Below you can find our complete list of the best online lottery tickets in India.


The most purchased lottery ticket worldwide and in India is for the Powerball game. It is simple to comprehend why given the existence of the largest jackpot record in the globe.

Another factor that makes Powerball tickets the best to purchase online is their accessibility. Additionally, these are the tickets that are most commonly on sale. Most websites provide welcome prizes that include free tickets lottery in India.

All of our suggested online lottery providers offer Powerball tickets for sale online. For 300 rupees, purchase a Powerball ticket in India.

Mega Millions

One of the highest jackpot rewards in the world may be yours if you purchase a Mega Millions lottery ticket. It has paid out more than 1.5 billion US dollars, the second-largest jackpot ever.

All of our recommended lottery sites sell Mega Millions tickets, just like you can for Powerball. One of the greatest tickets to purchase because of accessibility. They are regarded as excellent lottery tickets to buy for another reason since many websites sell them in syndicates, which increases your chances of winning.

All of our suggested lottery sites provide Mega Millions tickets for 300 rupees.

Jeeto Lotto

Because Jeeto Lotto tickets only cost 80 rupees each, they are a Lottoland Asia exclusive and among the best tickets you can purchase in India, in our opinion. This results in some of India’s lowest online lottery tickets.

There are draws every 4 minutes, giving you more than 270 chances every day to win 3.6 crore. It’s unusual that you can take part so frequently each day and learn the results of the draw in less than four minutes. Anytime you choose, you can choose to become a crorepati!

What are the Lottery Prices in India?

The cost of the ticket is one of the most crucial considerations when picking a lottery game to play.

You can determine which ticket is right for you based on that information and the size of the jackpot.

We have compiled a table of the typical ticket prices for the main games to give you an idea of what a lottery ticket should cost.

Additionally, you may view the days on which you can play and the size of the biggest jackpot.

The largest jackpots in India are often 10 crore. On the other hand, international jackpots can easily reach hundreds of crores; some of the top jackpot awards even exceed a billion rupees!

Online India lottery tickets are considerably more affordable than bumper draws and provide larger jackpot payouts.

What are the Best Online Lottery Ticket Booking in India?

The first time you reserve a lottery ticket online, it could appear difficult, but it’s really not that difficult.

You are now ready to buy your first ticket after selecting a site to play at from our online top list of reputable lotto sites.

Every website includes easy-to-follow instructions for making purchases, but there are a few more factors to take into account when ordering your first online lottery ticket from India.

Lottery Ticket Price

Selecting the draw you want to enter is obviously the first step in making an online reservation.

Examining the cost of the ticket is a terrific technique to choose which draw you want.

We disagree with many other review websites that advise players to simply select mega jackpot games, as we think it’s more crucial to discover a game they can play frequently.

Check out which game suits you based on your budget. Most India lottery tickets range in price from 80 to 400 rupees.

 Lottery Numbers

After deciding whatever game you wish to play, picking your numbers is the next step.

Although there are several ways to choose your numbers, picking them at random is the most popular. In actuality, the majority of jackpot winners picked their numbers at random!

Having said that, you can also choose numbers that have special meaning for you, like a birth date.

There is no right or wrong way to choose; what matters most is that you feel fortunate in your decision.

 Extra Features

Many lottery games include extra features, however these extras frequently cost more. Additionally, a lot of gaming websites offer exclusive bonuses that are exclusive to them.

This means that you should take into account the supplementary features, if any, you want to add when you order your India lottery tickets online.

The additional features might include anything from entering an additional draw to giving you more chances to win a reward to raising the value of the real money prizes you win.

Indian Lottery Games

While there are a ton of fantastic international lottery games available online, numerous fresh Indian local draws are also being developed to give us fun and novel methods to play!

Websites like Lottoland, which aim to deliver high-quality games exclusive to India, have developed these new games.

Cricket Lotto

One of the most played Indian lottery games online is Cricket Lotto.

All you have to do to play is select six numbers from 1 to 49.

On Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday of each week, you can play Cricket Lotto.

The Cricket Lotto jackpot is only offered at Lottoland, with India lottery tickets costing 80 rupees, and has a minimum payout of 3.8 crore.

Jeeto Lotto

Another special Indian game from Lottoland is Jeeto Lotto.

You only need to choose ten numbers between 1 and 70 and pay the 80 cents for a Jeeto Lotto ticket to play.

Every day, between 15:34 IST and 08:54 IST, draws are held for the Jeeto Lotto game.

This implies that you have a total of 262 chances per day to win the 3.5 crore prize!

How to Make Lottery Predictions in India?

You may have heard of lottery predictions, which are particular number combinations that are thought to have a better probability of winning than other combinations.

But are predictions accurate? So both expected and unpredicted numbers have an equal chance of winning. However, that doesn’t guarantee they won’t prevail!

In reality, those who consider themselves fortunate in life frequently experience positive outcomes. One such occurrence can be a sizable victory in an online lottery!

There are several methods you may use to bring more luck and abundance into your life, which may even result in a jackpot win!

And as far as predictions go, our recommendation is to choose numbers that you feel comfortable with and let the universe take care of the rest!

Is there a Gambling Law in India for National and International Lotteries?

In India, lotteries are less common than in the west. Lack of opportunities, not a lack of interest, has always been the cause. Furthermore, it can be challenging for Indians to try their luck in lottery games due to the laws and regulations governing gaming.

But as times change, these customs are in danger of disappearing. Lottery games that are popular in the West are now making their way to India because to the internet’s ability to connect the entire planet. The fact of the matter is that Indians seeking to have fun and get tremendously wealthy will soon have access to the biggest name in worldwide lotteries, Lottoland.

Indians will find it simple to play lottery games and win significant sums of money thanks to the web platforms. Gambling is legal in several Indian states and is governed by a number of legislation in terms of rules and regulations.

Continue reading to learn more about Indian gaming regulations for both domestic and foreign lotteries.

Gambling Laws: An Overview

Lottery play is subject to some laws that are enforced. The power to create gaming and betting laws has been granted to the state governments. As a result, each state in India has its own set of laws and regulations.

In India, playing the lottery is permitted in 13 states, according to legislative data from 2017. Lotteries are lawfully conducted in states like Nagaland, Sikkim, Mizoram, Punjab, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

International Lotteries in India

In terms of playing in international lotteries, Indians may now do so thanks to the internet. Online gaming is not subject to severe rules and restrictions. In India, it is acceptable to purchase lottery tickets from foreign gaming websites.

There are numerous websites where you may purchase tickets for international lotteries including Powerball, EuroMillions, and others. The local legislative of the location where the drawings are taking place controls them. For instance, if a player from India purchases a ticket for a Gibraltar lottery game, Indian law will apply to the game’s regulations.

The Ban

Despite the Union Government’s disapproval of gambling, State Governments are given the authority, as noted above.

The laws related to gambling in India are:

✓ The Public Gambling Act, 1867: This central legislation punishes anyone indulging in public gambling.

✓ The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998: This implies to restrictions and guidelines in conducting lottery games.

✓ Section 294-A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860:  A lottery office in the state without authorization of the state government is a punishable offence.

✓ What to keep in mind?

✓ Section 30 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872

State Legislations:

There are several acts governing the conduction of lotteries including The Bombay Prevention of Gambling Act, 1887, The Bengal Public Gambling Act, 1867, The Delhi Public Gambling Act, 1955, etc.

What to keep in mind?

Online lotteries should not be subject to tight regulations, although there are some concerns. It makes it more likely that you’ll fall victim to frauds, therefore you should only play on regulated sites like Lottoland. Rules and regulations govern how the internet platform operates.

Online Lottery States’ Legality?

Numerous nations in the world allow lottery play. However, lotteries are prohibited in India. Online lotteries are included in this. The majority of Indian states permit lottery ticket purchases. However, several states completely forbid the sale of lottery tickets.

India has strong regulations against running lottery schemes. For instance, anyone convicted guilty of conducting a lottery scheme may face up to 10 years in prison under Section 419A of the Indian Penal Code. Online lotteries are permitted, nevertheless. These include the Euromillions, Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, Lucky Dip, and others.

The tax revenue from lottery sales brings in a lot of money for the government. According to estimates, the government receives about 1 INR billion per month through the sale of lottery tickets.